Weekend Escape to Casa Aries

Weekend Escape to Casa Aries

End date: 06-25-2022, 09:00:00 PM
Winning bid: $4,500.00 (11 bids)

Donated by: Fernando Botero Jr.

Casa Aries is one of the most extraordinary properties in Careyes! The ocean view house has a spectacular art collection and is equipped with a 24-foot motor boat, La Odisea, to explore the pristine and solitary beaches along the coast, a heated swimming pool, and a dedicated staff of four full time employees for world class service. The home has direct access to spectacular Playa Rosa by means of an elevator or tram car. This 3 night stay comfortably accommodates 8 people for the perfect long weekend getaway. An hour from Manzanillo international airport, 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta international airport.

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Bidder Amount Date
M**** F************** $4,500.00 06-25-2022, 08:24:44 PM
M******* J****** $4,250.00 06-25-2022, 08:09:08 PM
M**** F************** $4,000.00 06-25-2022, 08:02:05 PM
M******* J****** $3,000.00 06-25-2022, 07:10:29 PM
C****** F******** $2,000.00 06-22-2022, 08:22:58 AM
C****** U***** $1,750.00 06-22-2022, 06:20:45 AM
A** H***** $1,500.00 06-20-2022, 09:20:06 AM
C****** U***** $1,250.00 06-17-2022, 04:47:57 PM
G**** F*************** $1,000.00 06-15-2022, 09:28:50 AM
G**** F*************** $750.00 06-15-2022, 09:28:50 AM
G**** F*************** $500.00 06-14-2022, 10:57:57 PM
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